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Advice For Successful Online Dating

Online Dating is all the rage these days and is very popular because it yields results. However, there are some inherent drawbacks. One of the primary drawbacks is that women are basically apprehensive to the idea of personally meeting with a man that met online.

With all of the recent negative press abound regarding online dating, this cautious attitude may be well justified. Of course, it is wise decision for the females to proceed with caution, however, this creates somewhat of a catch-22.

The fear, caution and concern of the females towards online dating makes it extremely difficult for the honest and sincere males who are truly looking for a romantic connection.

This dilemma leads us to the question, what can I, as a male, do to overcome this female paranoia of online dating? What is the “secret” for men to succeed in Online Dating?

Well guys, to be perfectly honest, there is no perfect answer. However, here are some online dating tips that you can use to increase your chances of success.

1. Patience. First, an most importantly, patience is the key. When you first make contact with your potential romantic connection, keep the conversation low key. Straight away inquiring about her personal information such as her true name or inquiring about her place of residence will seem pushy and arouse her suspicions towards your intentions.

2. Don’t Be Pushy. When chatting online with your potential romantic connection, your initial conversations should be short, sweet and interesting. This way, you have the chance to rapport with her, communicating with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t rush the relationship and pressure her for a one-on-one meeting. This will only make you appear to be suspicious. Instead, show patience and understanding towards her and the relationship by letting it grow and develop over time.

3. Honesty. Honesty is essential to growing and developing your online dating relationship. Tell the truth about your appearance and employment situation. Being dishonest will undo all of the work that you put forth in building a relationship built on trust and sincerity. Furthermore, the lies that you have told will most certainly be revealed if you do eventually meet and all will be ruined.

4. Photographs. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to show your potential romantic connection the real you. Post photos in your profile that show the “real,” everyday, you. Examples of great photos could be you playing your favorite sport, enjoying your hobby, visiting a famous landmark in your area or even a yearbook photo from high school. And even better, be sure to post a recent photo that shows your body from head to toe, not just a mug shot of your face.

5. Meeting her one-on-one. Once your romance connection feels comfortable meeting with you one-on-one, this is your opportunity to rise to the occasion. Be smart as this is an extremely delicate situation for her, so proceed with caution. The smart move would be to arrange a lunch date at a popular dining spot. In addition, being the true gentlemen that you are, why not ask her to invite a girlfriend along. This will make her feel safe, less apprehensive and more open to communicating with you.

As you can see from above, you can be successful and meet your romantic connection by using some basic online dating tips. Just mind your P’s & Q’s, be honest, be sincere, be a gentlemen and most important, be patient. Good Luck!

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