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Creating An Online Dating Profile That Is Good


Do you know how to create an effective online dating profile? This is an art and science in and of itself, and it takes some time to really perfect the craft. With an effective online dating profile, you give yourself the chance to attract the right woman who is just right for you. Here’s the first tip for creating a dynamite profile.

1) Have a photo

Having a picture is critical to your online dating success. Without a photo, you’re dead in the water. Photos improve response by as much as 10 times, so without one you’re hindering your online dating efforts. It’s best to have as many photos of yourself as possible. In the caption of your photo, you will want to notate the date that the photo was taken. If you can’t remember exactly, just specify the month and year.

2) Complete the entire profile

This should be obvious to do, but so many people don’t do it. How are you going to find the perfect match for you if you don’t complete the whole profile? This is pivotal to your online dating success. Women actually do take the time to read out your profile, so you should fill it out and complete it so that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Mention your hobbies and interests. If you’re into basketball, mention that you like playing basketball in your spare time and that you’re good at it. You will also want to mention what you’re looking for in a partner. If you want a woman who is good looking, successful, and laid back – then specify this in your profile.

3) Be romantic

You can incorporate romance in your online dating profile. It isn’t hard to do. All you have to do is choose the right set of words that will turn on someone that is reading your profile. You don’t want to say pickup lines here but you should come across as someone who is confident and genuine. Being yourself is different from being romantic. And even though online dating allows you to be yourself, it’s best to add a hint of romance into the equation. So be romantic – it will do wonders for you.

4) Be proactive

You really do have to be on the trail everyday with your online dating efforts. Make an attempt to email 10 new women everyday. If you’ve already contacted all the women in your area and you haven’t received as much response as you wanted, then try contacting women who resides in other cities or states. This will widen the response that you receive and you may even find the perfect person for you.

To be successful with online dating, you have to stay on it everyday. You should know that women get as much as 100 new emails a day in their inbox, so if you don’t receive a response from a woman – it’s not because she doesn’t want to hear from you – it’s because she’s busy sorting out all of the emails that she has in your inbox. So start proactive in your efforts to find the perfect woman for you.

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